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Pet Tech
There is a tremendous need for training in pet CPR, First Aid and Care because unfortunately, thousands of pets are injured every year from preventable accidents!
We at Noble Manes Cattery take pride in being Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid and strongly encourage all Pet-Parents to learn these critical skills. Sometimes the unexpected happens…
Will you be prepared to take action when it does?
PetSaver™ Training
Premier 8-hour class including CPR techniques, first aid skills, dental and senior care, as well as health and wellness information for dogs and cats.
CPR & First Aid for Your Pets
This 5+ hour class includes CPR techniques, first aid skills, and health care and wellness information for dogs and cats (does not include dental or senior care).
Hiking & Walking With Your Dog
A 90 minute presentation perfect for Pet Parents and Pet Care Professionals. This online presentation includes information for you and your dog to be safe on and off the trail. It includes the top 6 pet first aid situations you may encounter while out on the trail, as well as the successfully proven Pet Tech™ 
Snout-To-Tail Assessment™.
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